Why Orca?

Servicing The Great Pacific Northwest

You can find us in Pierce, King, Thurston and Kitsap.

Orca Certified Seed

Orca Certified Seed is specially formulated for optimum growth in the Pacific Northwest, our seed is primarily perennial rye with a dash of fescue.

Profiles Jumpstart

Profile’s Jumpstart is used on every lawn Orca Hydroseeding installs. This remarkable natural nutritional support additive accelerates germination to ensure a healthy beautiful lawn. Profile’s Jumpstart goes far beyond the fertilizer products typically used by others in their hydroseeding mix.
Encourages faster nutrient uptake to get your premium grass seed off to a quicker and stronger start.
Provides hormonal encouragement to maximize root development and enhance plant tolerance for environmental stress as your new lawn is getting established.
Penetrates the soil to reduce soil compaction to allow for deeper penetration of the roots.
Provides humic acid and more than 200 species of natural beneficial soil bacteria to encourage healthy growth.

Customer Guarantee

At Orca Hydroseeding we use the highest quality materials available. Our premium turf grass seed is a custom blend optimized for the Puget Sound climate. We apply this superior mix of grass seed via a carefully combined mixture of water, fertilizer, hydro mulch, tackifier and our unique Profile’s Jumpstart natural germination accelerant. Our experts apply our enhanced hydroseed slurry to your prepared soil using advanced hydroseeding equipment to ensure complete and effective coverage. If any portion of your new lawn does not germinate within 30 days of application due to product failure or workmanship, those portions of the lawn that have not germinated will be re-seeded one time at no charge with the following conditions:
  • Potential problems must be brought to our attention within 30 days of application.
  • Orca Hydroseeding is not responsible for weed competition or eradication as it is the property owner’s responsibility to prepare the soil properly in advance. To ensure the best results for your new lawn the top 2 inches of soil must be loose so the new seed will root evenly. All weeds or other vegetation should be eliminated from the lawn area before hydroseeding.
  • Orca Hydroseeding is not responsible for acts of nature, vandalism, diseases or anything else beyond our control. This includes spotty germination as a result of soil compaction, heavy rains, drought or any weather-related condition that could reasonably be expected to impact germination.
  • This guarantee is not valid for late season dormant seeding when soil temperatures drop below 50ºF.
  • We cannot guarantee the results with seed supplied by anyone other than Orca Hydroseeding. This guarantee is only applicable when our optimized blend of seed is used.
Please follow the Orca Hydroseeding New Lawn Care Guide. It is the responsibility of the undersigned property owner to ensure all guidelines are followed.