Orca’s High Powered Hot Water Spray Systems are Incomparable for Pressure Washing Projects

High Pressure

Our truck mounted high pressure systems ensure faster and more thorough cleaning of driveways, sidewalks, roofs, fencing, siding and other exterior surfaces.

Hot Water

Our professional system heats the water to the optimum temperature for each job whether cleaning grease, mold and mildew stains, wood, concrete, etc. Heat creates a high-speed molecular action that reduces water’s surface tension. This makes the cleaning agent more active and helps effectively penetrate grime at a molecular level, producing a much cleaner wash, and then a quicker dry. Compare this to the difference between washing dishes in hot water versus cold water.

The Optimum Cleaning Agent

A cleaning agent breaks down the chemical bond between whatever you are trying to remove and the surface to ensure a quick and thorough clean that protects the surface being cleaned. Mold, mildew, grease stains, oxidizing, weathering,… We select the optimal cleaner for each job that is specifically formulated for each type of stain or surface.

Safe For Kids & Pets

Our experts only use professional cleaning products that are approved by the EPA’s Safer Choice program.
The cleaners we use are all independently verified to be:

Made with biodegradable surfactants
Approved for direct release into lawns and plants
Petroleum Distillate-Free
Free of Salts
Free of High pH Hydroxides

There Is No Comparison

Our powerful trucks allow Orca Hydro to do larger areas more quickly than power washing tools powered by electricity or a small engine.   This allows us more flexibility and speed as we work.

If you want a truly professional cleaning at a reasonable price, done by experts you can trust, call Orca next time you need power washing!  

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"I was super happy with the service that Orca provided, and my lawn looks beautiful. I'd recommend Orca in a heartbeat!"

— Larry